The Feel of Sand Beneath Your Feet

Beneath the azure dome of the summer sky,
Where the sea meets the land with a gentle sigh,
There lies a sensation, a sweet delight,
Of sand on your feet, both soft and light.

Grains of time, as fine as mist,
In shades of gold and amethyst,
They dance and twirl in the ocean’s beat,
A symphony beneath your feet.

Each step you take, a story unfolds,
Of ancient suns and secrets old,
The sand whispers tales of the deep,
In every grain, a promise to keep.

Tickling toes, slipping through fingers,
A feeling of warmth that lingers,
A connection to earth, a grounding feat,
In the simple joy of sand on your feet.

The sun dips low, the day retreats,
Yet the memory of sand beneath your feet,
Remains a melody, soft and sweet,
A song of summer, forever replete.

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